Cordova TN Acquisition Finders Assists Individuals In Finding The Right Business To Buy

Acquisition Finders and Aaron Paul provide guidance and advice on the purchase of businesses. Every step of the transaction is explained and facilitated so that mutually satisfactory terms and conditions are understood and applied.

PRESS RELEASE: Cordova TN, 17-APR-2013 – Acquisition Finders and founder, Aaron Paul are pleased to announce that prospective business buyers can find assistance in every step of the process from interest to ownership with the help of the professionals at the firm. When buying a business Cordova TN offers the help of knowledgeable and experienced pros to accomplish the task in an efficient, yet courteous and reputable manner.

The acquisitions firm offers a full range of services to small and mid-sized business purchasing clients throughout the United States. The buyers are people and firms who want to acquire a new or expanded business presence. The buyers often are not able to obtain a hearing from investment banks, due to the size or profitability of the firm.

“At Acquisition Finders” explains founder Aaron Paul, “we support and advise buyers of independent businesses or franchisors to come to an acceptable agreement about the terms of the sale and purchase. Because of our reputation, we have a working list of potential buyers. We also are able to approach potential sellers on behalf of our clients.”

He continues, “We understand that the preliminary inquiries do not always result in a completed transaction. We do everything possible to walk all parties to a buy/sell transaction through the steps of the process as efficiently and quickly as possible.”

Finding opportunities is an important part of buying a business Cordova TN professionals facilitate. The firm brings experience and industry knowledge into play to assist potential buyers in matching prospective business elements such as location, industry and size. The professionals also manage contacts and negotiations as required.

Learn more about the business acquisition process by checking out the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions regarding the details of this press release may contact Mr. Aaron Paul at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Aaron Paul

Company Name: Acquisitions Finders

Address: 8590 Farmington Boulevard, Suite 2, Germantown, TN 38139

Contact Telephone Number: (866) 341-5589

Contact Fax Number: (901) 284-0028




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